Fine Line Commercial are the only company licensed to supply and install the patented Contoured Plaster Ceilings (GRG & GRC) panels.

These allow for 100% bespoke and unique curved ceiling designs to make your building/project one of a kind.

The contoured plaster panels allow for high quality, seamless and complex contoured wall and ceiling shapes. They can be completed in an efficient and timely manner utilizing standard plasterboard install practices.

The custom-nature of the panels also allow for seamless easy integration with services such as downlights and grills which can be cast into the finished panels.

This patented process can be designed and integrated with Rondo framing systems to be fully compliant with seismic building code.

Hedges Avenue – Gold Coast: Contoured plaster Ceiling Construction time-lapse, 2021.

GRG & GRC Under Construction

Prototype GRG & GRC